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This page lists Chinese dragon information to help you learn a little more about Chinese dragons and China, which is known as the land of the dragon. This Website primarily focuses on Chinese dragon artworks, but we also try to provide our visitors with some general information regarding Chinese dragons to help them understand the differences between the dragons of China and Western dragons.

What is a Chinese Dragon ?

Chinese mythology tells us the Chinese dragon is composed from parts of nine different animals. There are many different opinions and descriptions given from various sources, but we believe the description provided here is a good generalized description.

A Chinese dragon is composed of nine different animals/creatures; a devils fiery eyes and a long beard, ears of an ox, eagleís talons, deer's horns, tigerís paws, camels head, serpents neck, frogs belly and the scales of a carp.


How are Chinese Dragons Different from Western Dragons?

Western dragons are depicted as violent creatures, dark and menacing. Western culture is full of lore of evil and malicious dragons who terrorized the people in ancient times. The Chinese dragon is the exact opposite, and is said to be very beautiful, wise and caring. Chinese dragons are considered to be very auspicious, bringing you luck.

If you are lucky enough to be born in the year of the dragon it is said you will have a long, healthy and prosperous life.  In Chinese culture everything connected with the dragon has a very positive meaning.


What are The Major Chinese Dragons?

There are many different kinds of Chinese dragons in Chinese legends, stories and culture, and we have listed the nine major Chinese dragons below.

The Chinese dragons are listed in no particular order, though the yellow dragon is listed first in our list  because Chinese emperors often wore yellow Chinese dragon robes, and many Chinese consider dragons to be yellow.

  1. Yellow Dragon
  2. Celestial Dragon
  3. Spiritual Dragon
  4. Horned Dragon
  5. Homeless Dragon
  6. Winged Dragon
  7. Dragon of the four seas
  8. Coiling Dragon
  9. Dragon of hidden treasures


The First Chinese Dragon Had Nine Sons

The first dragons sons each had a distinct personality, which is listed beside its name.

  1. Jiaotu - Quiet
  2. Pulao - Loud
  3. Haoxian - Reckless
  4. Yazi - Valiant
  5. Chiwen - Vain
  6. Baxia - Loves Water
  7. Suanmi - Loves Fire
  8. Bixi - Endurance
  9. Qiuniu - Loves Music


Do You Know Detailed History of Chinese Dragons?

If you would like to contribute to the Chinese dragon information provided on this site please Contact Us and let us know how you would like to help.  We will list the Bio of anyone who provides us with quality information on Chinese dragons.

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