Chinese Dragon Tattoos Design
The characters pictured are only examples of the Chinese symbol for dragon. These characters and many more can be provided in image formats suitable for creating tattoos.Dragon Artworks can provide you with many different styles of the Chinese symbol for dragon. Our Chinese Dragon Tattoos Design images are compatible with any image program, or can be re-sized for printing using your printers print functions. The image on the right depicts the traditional style dragon character on the left and the new simplified Chinese dragon character on the right. The top is one style and the bottom shows another style of the Chinese symbol for dragon.

As part of our Chinese Dragon Tattoos Design service we also provide you with a custom one-of-a-kind calligraphy character for dragon. This character will be written by the artist Xie Tian Hai and then we will create an image for your use.

The custom calligraphy design image created for customers who order our Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs will never be used again, it will be created for your use, then destroyed. We write the image again for new orders and never re-use the same image. This way your image is an original, which can be advetised to your customers as such.

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