Chinese Black Dragon Scroll Art Painting
The Chinese black dragon scroll art painting depicts the horned dragon, which has horns like a deer, eagle claws, a frogs belly, camels head and the scales of a carp.There is a fire ball coming out of the mouth of the dragon in this large Chinese black dragon scroll art painting. This remarkable artwork is a painting Chinese dragon is flying through the clouds breathing fire balls into the sky. The Chinese black dragon scroll is made with white silk brocade material and measures 27x67 inches.

Why is Chinese Dragon Art Popular?

One of the reasons Chinese dragon art is so popular is because everything associated with the Chinese dragon is considered to be lucky or auspicious. Unlike the dragons of Western lore Chinese dragons are wise, noble and kind creatures. This is why dragon art is so popular in China, because dragons are protectors and they bring you good luck, wealth and longevity.

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